We Offer Bicycles For Sale Across St. Albans, Queens County

If you are in search of bicycles for sale here in Queens, NY, then you came to the right place. Bike Shop at the St. Albans Mini Mall is your top-choice for brand new bikes! Our expert and dedicated staff will help you make the right choice in picking a bike fitted for your lifestyle. We have kept a good reputation through the years, so rest assured that we provide only the highest quality products.

Why do you need a Bike?

Biking is one of the most cost-efficient exercises that can provide both entertainment and health benefits to you and your family. Apart from its notable health benefits, it does wonders for the preservation of nature. You can maximize the advantages of biking by choosing the best bicycle! Here are a few more benefits that you can get from biking:

  1. Weight Loss - Cycling is a good way to reduce body fats because it increases your metabolic rate and helps build muscles.
  2. Diabetes Prevention - Many studies show that a lack of physical activity is a major cause of diabetes. Cycling can help prevent diabetes. People who don’t have time to workout at the gym can enjoy biking as a form of doing some physical work.
  3. Environmental Friendly - Most bikes don’t use engines, thus, they don’t release gases that can harm the environment. This way, you can use your bike greatly without worrying about the environment.
  4. Cost-effective - Maintenance for bikes is a lot cheaper than the use of cars. It brings you to places for free and parking fee is almost never an issue.

You have nothing to lose! We have many for you to choose from including mountain bikes for sale in Queens, New York. Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form below.

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