Motorized Bicycle Services Across St. Albans, Queens County

You have nothing to lose! We have many for you to choose from including mountain bikes for sale in Queens, New York. Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form below.

  1. Steep Road, No Problem - Climbing a steep incline is an uphill battle. With a bike powered by a motor, you have nothing to worry about. Be it upward or downward ride, you will have enhanced safety compared to standard bicycles.
  2. Greater Mileage - With a motorized bike, you can reach longer distances faster using less effort compared to other types of bikes. You can exert minimal effort to continue your travel when you start getting tired.
  3. Cost-effective - buying a car is too expensive. Gas, maintenance, and parking fees just add up one after the other. Unlike a car, a motorized bike is exponentially cheaper. You don’t need to worry so much about the maintenance because if you buy your bike from us, you get generous discounts. You don’t even need to struggle in finding where to park because of its slim features which allow you to park anywhere that is legal.

But, if you are looking into something like an electric bicycle in Queens, NY, then trust only Bike Shop at the St. Albans Mini Mall to provide you the best one. With our skilled and accommodating staff, we have become a valued and trusted company when it comes to selling e-bikes.

Electric bikes are rechargeable and less exhausting than regular bikes. Aside from these, there are advantages that can be pointed out on using e-bikes. Here are some of them:

  1. Assisted Biking - e-bikes have a battery-powered “pedal assist” which will provide a boost on your pedaling. This reduces the energy exertion and stress on your knees and thighs.
  2. Fast and Flexible - with the pedal assist, you can now cover extra miles effortlessly. You can also take advantage of the lanes that are free of traffic to arrive faster at your destination.
  3. Expense deduction - unlike a motor vehicle, e-bike does not use large amounts of money daily because of petrol and diesel. You can just buy affordable batteries, which can ideally reach up to 18-50 miles depending on your level of assistance.

Electric bicycles and motorized bikes offer the same safety as a car and are much more affordable. It can take you places with minimum finances spent. Don’t wait too long! Reach us at 718-413-2269 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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